Air Corps Aerobatics

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Living history in honor of the Greatest Generation

Air Corps Aerobatics provides not only an airshow aerobatic routine but living history as well.

In period dress we bring to life the end of the training cycle, where our young cadet or Lieutenant was about to earn his wings.  If he passed this last checkride...

See the calendar page for our schedule...

OK, switched to a new computer and Windows10 and this site got all messed up?  So, right now booking shows for 2016 -- hopefully the year nothing will interrupt airshows!  See the calendar for what's coming and see the email below to talk about doing your show.

The information available...

You can find the basic stuff here, all about J's Bird and me, her pilot/owner/performer.  More details are availble on FaceBook; look for Air Corps Aerobatics and there's also a J's Bird website that's not so much about the shows and the act at  Check that out too!

Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

As 2015 winds down, she's about to go into maintenance.  And ICAS is coming, less than a month and I'll be at booth 728 in Vegas!  Come by and let's see if I can do your show!